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Kavalactone paste is an example of new technology in action.  Before High Pressure CO2 extraction, and due to the fragility of the Kavalactone alkaloid, this kind of product was never before available.   This is as pure a product as you can find; this molasses-like product is extremely potent, and will stick to anything and everything.  It is NOT water soluble, so it must be either eaten directly (very bitter!) or it needs to be dissolved into a fatty liquid such as coconut milk.   The Kavalactone resin paste is made from ONLY the roots of the Kava Kava plant; extracts made from the entire plant have been shown to possibly cause liver damage.  Pure root extract has never been linked to any health problems whatsoever. 

So buy Kavalactone paste from a shop that has been producing this product for over 5 years, and has thousands of happy customers HERE.  Their extracted resin from the Kava Kava plant is produced using top quality root material only. This is a completely legal herb extract and a pure alkaloid extraction produces this highly concentrated molasses-like resin. Each gram is equal to approximately 28g of the shredded Kava Kava root.

Use of the resin of this plant has many documented historical uses; it is even the national drink of Fiji!

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