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Books on Extraction and Making Resins

Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy - by Junius
This is probably the single best book on how to get started with any kind of practical work, however, I have one complaint about it: The author shows you how to do everything with high-priced equipment, that you really don't have to have. The fact is that the ancient alchemists/spagyrists usually didn't have all that equipment, and it's probably smart to at least start off with simpler items before you invest a thousand dollars in this stuff. I think he would have done the art more justice if he had given lower-cost alternatives to the equipment in this book. Get this book, and supplement your reading with lots of material from Adam McLean's website, various alchemy forums and the Philosophers of Nature books if you have the money. Also question what all of them have to say, and compare, because all of them have their quirks.

Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils: Methods of Extraction, Descriptions, Uses, Psychological Profiles, Therapeutic Properties, Photographs of Plants and Oils, Safety Datay - by Susan Curtis
This is one of the few reference books I cannot live without - ragged from constant consultation. The descriptions of the essential oils are thorough and quite useful, without being overly technical. The chart in the back of ailments and the oils that can be used to treat them is particularly helpful. The psychological profiles of the oils are also interesting, but not overstated. This book would be suitable for people new to essential oils and their properties as well as an appropriate tool for those who are more knowledgeable.

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews - by Scott Cunningham
Cunningham presents us here with a recipe book for more than the title implies. Besides showing us how to create our own inceses, oils, and brews, he also explains how to make tinctures, powders, bath salts, soaps, sachets, and inks. There are tons of different recipes available, especially for incenses, for all sorts of magickal purposes.

Substitutions are also treated. Several pages are broken down by plants, purposes, planets, and astrological signs which are very, very useful is you have a particular goal in mind. For me, these are the best parts of the book. If I need to know which oils to use or herbs to burn for a healing spell, they're all right there. If I need to attract some more lunar energy in an esbat ritual, I can very quickly find that I can use lemon oil on my candles if there's no myrrh or jasmine around.

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