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List of Resin Extracts Available HERE

Amanita muscaria - Amanita muscaria resin infused onto Damiana leaf.
Blue Lotus
- Cold-extracted resin made from flowers only
Calea zacatechichi
- Mexican Dream Herb resin

Kratom - Mitragyna speciosa resin (also called Kratom acetate)
Kavalactone 70% -
a potent new product for kava lovers
White Lotus
- powerful extracts used in WWI
Wild Dagga
- very violety scented resin - very popular
Wild Dagga/Pharma Kanna
- a top selling blend
Wild Lettuce
- a favorite of the Hottentots
- a recent resin containing Thujone

The above list contains the extracted plant resins available from the IAmShaman Shop.  Each resin is carefully crafted to contain full spectrum plant material, and each extraction is either cold water or cold alcohol extracted to ensure that no delicate alkaloids or active compounds are destroyed in the extraction process.

Most resins come as a soft, tarry-black substance that is often used as an admixture to other favorite herbs.  The Kavalactone 70% comes as a thick paste, and the Amanita resin comes as a material similar to cookie dough.

Top 5 Sellers:
+ Kratom Resin
+ Amanita Resin
+ Blue Lotus Resin
+ White Lotus Resin
Wild Dagga Resin