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Plant resins are simply extractions of plant material, taken from the entire plant, or specific parts of the plant, depending on the purpose and desired effect. Since ancient times, plant resins have served countless purposes.  First and foremost, resins were used as a way to enhance environments by burning them, which releases their concentrated scents into a cave, castle, or home.

Resins also served a second purpose; they are concentrated ways of utilizing the active properties of plants for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes.  Active components of a plant can be concentrated into the resinous extracts, greatly reducing the volume, and greatly reducing the amounts needed for effective use.

In the case of Blue Lotus, White Lotus and Wild Dagga plants, the most active part of the plant is in the flowers, so our resins are extracted from only the flower of the plant. In plants where the entire plant is active, such as Wormwood, the entire plant is made into an extract.

For our plant resins, we use only grain alcohol or water, depending on what each plant will best extract into. Some plants extract well into alcohol, and some into water. For example, plants such as Kava Kava extract well into water, where a plant such as Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) extracts best into alcohol.

Our extractions take place in sterile environments with only the finest grain alcohol or distilled water, and herbs are macerated for a minimum of 1 week, to ensure a full extraction of the plant material.

We also focus on extracts and resins that are most often sought after by the ethnobotanical and the entheogen community, such as Wild Dagga resins, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) resins, Blue Lotus and White Lotus resins, Calea zacatechechi or Dream Herb resins, Wormwood and Wild Lettuce resins, as well as some custom blends such as Wild Dagga and Kanna blends and Amanita muscaria acetate.

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+ Amanita Resin
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